My games

Professor Blobbins and the Music of Love

Professor Blobbins bounces into his first adventure with The Music of Love! Hop along each of the 7 levels, helping (or annoying) the NPCs who each have a short song to sing.

This is a musical 2d platformer made with PICO-8

Steal Godot

The bevy of triple-A developers (BAAAD) have shut down all the free game development engines! Solve puzzles to infiltrate their HQ and steal the Godot game engine back!

This is my first Godot engine game and was made as a learning experience

It All Revolves Around You

A giant black hole is hurtling towards Dust Town! You'll have to grow from a speck of dust to something large enough to defeat the black hole. Because in this game, like no other, It All Revolves Around You!

This is my first ever game, programmed in C++. I only ever compiled for Windows but it should run in Wine on Linux too

Do You Love Animals?

A short quiz about your love for animals!